I have abass mapp

havent used it in around 10 years

I want to sell it

I wanted to check if it works

but I was scared it was going to explode
and I was going to die

but I didnt have the cables so I didnt get to see

and I might get sued if I sell to ebay

and it explodes

but I will right in descibiption

it might explode

please hjelp me and tell me what to do

also I am selling bass guitar, bass turoital vids, and bass pedal

and bass tab books

mostly all red hot chili pepper guitar, pedal and books
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Just plug it in and see what happens. Amps don't just randomly explode or catch on fire, I don't think they use dynamite.
If you're that paranoid wear rubber gloves.

EDIT: And you can't advertise your stuff on here.
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