Hey there!

I started playing guitar like a year ago and I know some stuff but I'm really into jazz and some blues.

I think that I should learn blues first.

Can I get some tips on where to start and how to be good at it?

Any good books or free online lessons sites....

Anything, I just need as much help I can get

Thank you!!
I recently started as well. Depending on what artists you like (I like mostly the guys from the 20's - 40's. I recommend the lessons by John Miller, Tom Feldmann (for slide), And jim Bruce. They helped me improve alot.
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What is your favourite blues scheme? I'm not that much into Blues, but maybe you can help me with improving. I usually use I I I I IV IV I I V IV I V, which should be the most common one. Are there any "better" ones out there?
I suggest you learn the 12 bar blues, and in all keys. Then some minor pentatonic scales, and pretty soon you will be you will be jammin with the pro's , now your hav'in fun. Cheers
Note that the "old guys" were not known for their strict adherence to forms. Often, they played solo, and felt free to do what they wanted. This caused a bit of adjustment when they began to go up to Memphis and Chicago and started recording with trained musicians...

There's a story told by one jazz player who got a chance to sit in with a prominent blues artist. (Sorry, don't recall the names) After the first tune, he asked the blues guy.... "Uh, the blues is supposed to be 12 bars, and I think you went to 13."
The old blues guy said, "12 bars? Who told you that?"