I'm really into that guitar. But I just wanna make sure that it's the right one.

Does anyone have it or tried it?

Is it good or what?
Generally Applause guitars are very good - I owned one for several years and I'm played a few others - all good. Some people do not like the plastic bowl but if you are OK with that - and assuming you like the way it plays and sounds - you shouldn't have any problems.
i LOVE Ovations ! i'm not the greatest fan of the applause line. i'm more of a fan of the solid top ones. unplugged the applause guitars sound really boxy. the cc44's are miles ahead unplugged. i unloaded most of my Ovations last year but retained my favorites, the 1778tx, 2078t, and of course my Adamas 2080sr. i also kept the crappy shallow bowl( i hate shallow bowled ones...way too tinny unplugged) GC-057. the O's still get just as much, if not more lap time than my Taylors do.
have you tried the AE128 ?
need more gear and a lot more talent(courtesytuxs)
shallow bowl ovations sound very cardboardy. if you plan to play unplugged, i'd definitely suggest considering a different guitar.
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