earth is flat

earth is not the sky

earth is black, not like sun

earth is cut by rivers but does not split for seas

earth is arterial, it is warm blooded

earth is permafrost, it is preservative

earth is moved by men, yet

earth is unmoved

earth swallows.


i have combed my fingers 
with it

i have smelled the mossy iron

i dug a cat grave
                 with my father
                 with my little sister

i had only died the day before
it was his first time too

the clay was slopping wet, 
i saw sommething in my wellie prints. 

i lay in the leaf-litter like
a dead thing and sniffed my loamy fingers

with a mole nose.


they are here in black-white                      whereareyou
                 oil drowned                      reyeswherea
my tunnels are filled with	                  hereareyour


i am a dried up tree

i will be
i will be
i will be 
          a eucalyptus tree.
i will shed my leaves on the sun
before i am twentythree

a gentle push won't topple me.
see how deeply i have grown my fingers,
see how i have overcome appearance

i am slippery, slippery, my bark peels off when
you try to climb me.


(i walked the woods a day after the wind. my wellingtons 
whispered through the knee-deep humus and i am picking 
dead skin from my hair years after.)
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