Hi Guys,

As a designer I have been busy messing around with my guitar and finding a new cool addition for a muscial artist. I the recordstore I found a bunch of old classis Vinyl records and was sure to thing of a cool way too upcycle these forgotten things. After some experimenting I came on the idea to try cutting guitar picks from these record, with great succes. They have the right handle, flex and produce a good sound. With the lasercutter you can also engrave a design into the material which with the right records (composition of the vinyl varies with each label) you get a great effect!

I'm now busy crafting nice sets of these picks and am curious if there are alot of enthousiastic musicians that would also love to have picks like these! I made a scale of various design that look great on the picks, but ofcourse the coolest thing to have for a musician or band is picks with there own design!

I was wondering if you guys would love to have picks like this yourselfs. I opened a little shop on Etsy where I put them for sale, and also offer my services to make you guys your own picks.

If you are interested, have ideas, or want to ask me about a price reduction, I'm open for everything!


Robert Jan van der Kaaij
You can't advertise like that on here
Besides they make this for DIY picks www.amazon.com/Pick-Punch-PP00/dp/B005FIFM14
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WTF you kill old records for guitar picks? You're sick.
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Quote by DeathByDestroyr
WTF you kill old records for guitar picks? You're sick.

Now hold on a minute, maybe he just destroys ABBA records.

But what would that do for my guitar tone....................................
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Oh sorry about that, I didnt knew.

Yeah I know those Pick Punches, had one a while myself. Its usefull for a bit, but you are quite restricted to using creditcards ect to punch out a pick, but thats where it stops most of the time. Also you wont be able to punch out from materials like Vinyl.