Hey guys (& girls ... & ghouls for that matter),

I picked up a near mint mid '90s MIJ Jackson PS-4 for $100 for a project guitar. I know a lot of people say they wouldn't waste the money, but I love the dinky body and I had parts laying around.

I replaced the JT500 Trem with a Schaller Floyd, the neck with an identical Jackson neck but with ebony board and sharktooth inlay from a higher model Jackson, the truss rod cover with a Custom Shop cover and the neck plate with one of the old chrome and black Jackson plates off an old PRO (I've had lots of Jacksons throughout the years).

I replaced the bridge J70 with a SD Alterative 8 TB-15 and the neck J70 with an SD '59 SH-1n.

My question is, does anyone have any suggestions what to replace the single coil PUP inbetween the HBs with? I'm having trouble finding many choices to begin with.
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Dimarzio Chopper or Fast track 1 or 2 if you want
it hot.
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Pretty hard to make any really specific suggestions if you don't tell us what sound you're after and what your amp and playing style are like.

If you want it to stay sounding like a regular single coil but with the power to match those humbuckers, try a Seymour Duncan Custom Stack Plus. Just a little more power than most singles and hum-cancelling. The Quarter Pound Flat will also balance well, though then you have the usual single coil hum. If you want to really equal the humbuckers in power, try a Hot Stack (not Hot Stack Plus).

If you're after a humbucker tone to equal the bridge pickup, try a DiMarzio Super Distortion S or SD JB Jr. The SD Little '59 will give a brighter sound and slightly less output to match your neck pickup.

If you want a plain upgrade to the standard single coil without changing the tone drastically, take a look at the SD SSL-2, or the Classic Stack Plus or Fender Vintage Noiseless if you'd like to add hum-cancelling for just a tiny loss in treble.
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Thanks for all your help guys. Though I didn't pick up (no pun intended) any of the suggested PUPs, researching the ones you did put me on the right track and I ended up going with a SD Hot Stack for the middle.

I'm looking forward to seeing how these 3 different PUPs will sound together.
He guys can anyone help with my problem .... first of all um nt that rich so cant afford alot of things i worked hard nd saved sm money nd since um a yngwie fan was trying to get a guitar of which hav vintage white color just like his signature strat nd i found this one


its a squier guitar (250$) that i can buy. so i was wondering wht if i change those pickups for yngwies sig seymore duncans will it be a gud idea. well it would get me a year to get that kind of money to buy that pickup so um asking it for advice right now so that i an set ma mind . nd also um quite new been playing for 8 months