So I finally recorded Light (one of the most well-received songs I wrote) after changing the name a few times (I'll still change it a few more though ), which is a dark-ish metal ballad with some piano and choir experimenting.


So, tell me if you liked it, and of course I will review your songs if you post the link here! Thanks for watching!
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Thx for reviewing my song "More Than Blood".

I've actually been wanting to do a song similar to this for a looooooooooooong time. Not necessarily the inclusion of piano, but a song that has a constant theme that cycles over the whole song. It's really cool with all of the variations that you keep adding to it.

The highlights of the mix is the drums (especially the kick) and most of the lead guitar. Though there are some issues with both at times. The cut at :49 was tad off. You gotta let those cymbals resonate into their next section. Solo that kicks in around 1:54ish could be mixed a little better. The lead that starts around 3:00 is done much better. Also, some of the rhythm tones are kinda muddy and dull.

No worries, I only critique stuff pretty when I really like it
It's a great song, and can definitely remain an instrumental with ease.

If you have more material, I'll gladly C4C that as well
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Oh wow, this is an interesting song for sure. I like the vibe of it, definitely a strange sort of dark feel of it. I like the writing of it and where the song goes through out. Quality could be better, the rhythm guitars sound like they are drowning in the choir, which is something sort of hard to mix well. Overall though I think its a great song, nice job!

And thanks for the review on my thread
@bdof: You're welcome man, it was a great song!

Yeah, I took some advice that people gave me here from other songs as I used too many tempo changes, this is a more riff-oriented song, and it came out nice and simple.

I know the guitar tones sound like crap at some times, but I'm just using my phone recorder as I don't have enough money for a decent recording gear.

Thanks a lot for your review, and I'm glad you liked it!

Here's some of my other songs in case you want to C4C:

Trail of Brimstone: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1635552
A Cut Into The Fear: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1633129

@JDawg00100: Thanks a lot for the review man, I'm really glad you liked the approach on this song. I'm not too good at producing but I guess practice makes perfect!
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I'm definitely getting a power metal vibe here. I'm not too fond of power metal, but this one ain't so bad. I do notice quite a bit of clipping throughout the audio, and the guitars sound a bit distant in some sections like the mic was too far away from the cab. Other than that, sounds good!
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So i'm finally back to crit the responses I got on my "Star of the Ancients" thread!

I love the intro to this song. I feel you could probably make an acoustic track before it that leads into this track. It has a really nice atmosphere.

I'm getting a heavy gothic/black metal vibe from this for the most part. I guess that vibe mainly comes from the choir and the slow nature of the song. The returning motif on the piano is something that's grown on me the more I listen, initially I thought that the first part of it (the first few descending notes) sounded out of place but now it fits fine to me.

One thing to work on would be your leads, sometimes they just didn't fit whether it was too many notes for the moment or you weren't playing in key or whatever, but work on them and you'll have some top notch lead work on this..

The parts that really grab me in this song are the parts at 2:25 with the harmony leads and the break at 2:57. The 2:57 one really gives me vibes of Muse and Avenged Sevenfold merged together. Now don't take that the wrong way, when I say like A7X I mean that harmonic minor sort sound Synyster Gates uses nearly every waking second.

The only thing this song is missing for me is Peter Steele crooning over the top of it.

I guess now, just get some better recording gear
Very cool composition. I like it. What program did you use to record with? If you're in FL studio I can help you out with the drums and EQ of the guitar