I am selling an Ibanez RG471AH with a Hard Case included at no charge! This one of the best midrange Ibbys ever made. It has the Wizard 3 neck and the Gibraltar Bridge(which is recognized as the premiere Ibby bridge and far better than those to be found in other Ibanez guitars). This guitar will NOT get out of tune unless you turn the tuners. Period. It is in nearly perfect shape with just the odd small scratch to be seen(and they are nearly impossible to see with the natural wood finish). It has perfect intonation and action and has been professionally set up. It has flawless electronics and no fret buzz or volume/tone knob scratch at all. I have recently bought a Les Paul and no longer play it. It even has brand new Ernie Ball strings on it. The action is as low as can be achieved without any fret buzz.

I am asking $200 plus shipping. I will mail it anywhere you want, just cover the shipping cost. Shipping will likely cost around $@5 bucks, depending on your choices. Paypal is my preferred method of payment. Pictures of the guitar are posted below.