A buddy of mine has both an Ampeg VH140C and Peavey Ultra Plus, both in good condition. He's asking for $460 for the Ampeg and $350 for the Peavey. I play in a fairly technical blackened death metal band and do some old school death metal and grind on the side. I know a decent amount about each of these amps but was just wondering what you all thought was the better deal and what would fit my personal needs/style better. I wish I could buy them both but sadly can afford only one at this particular juncture.


I, personally, really like those old solid state amps. It's so aggressive, so mean.
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Oh tubes are awesome, its really the only way to go.

He wants way too much for the Ampeg, unless it comes with the matching cab?
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You can find Peavey Ultra heads for $300 all day in the States, not positive but the VHT can be had for similar. They have a good rep around here for being good cheap amplifiers for metal, but I'd haggle him a little.
Yeah I would try and work him down, for what you are doing the VH could work, but I'd think the Ultra would be better for your Blackened Death project, unless you really want to cop that old school sound.
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he is asking too much IMO. but again i only know my market area (Florida) and yours may be very different

haven't seen 311 in a while but find something he posted and look at the "cool look up" and type in and you will see a lot of just about anything.
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You've heard both amps, yes? Well, which one do you think sounds better for what you are doing? They are very different sounding amps, surely you are in the best position to pick the one best for your "personal needs/style". Both are capable gigging amps, for tone, that's your decision.

But it sounds like you aint getting such a good deal anyway. Try 311's lookup thingy and widen your search. If you can tell us which of those two amps above has the closest sound to what you need and in what way you'd like it improved, I'm sure we could help you out with alternative possibilities.
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I don't know much about the Ampeg. I had the Peavey Ultra in the past. They're absolutely great amps. I don't know if it'll have enough gain for death metal though. I didn't see if you said you were using a boost or not. With EMG 81's I was able to get a nice Metallica type gain out of it.
Personally, I think the Ampeg would be the one to go for if you want those tones... but he's asking too much for it, so I'd opt for the Peavey if those were my only choices. The Ampeg can be had for ~$250-300, if you know where to look. Also, search for the SS-150 and the Crate GX-130C, all 3 are essentially the same amp, the VH-140C just tends to command the more premium price for some reason.
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TS if you can find a Randall Warhead, that's that early Decapitated sound. I want one. I want lots of budget solid state amps but that's because its the sound I grew up on.

The point of these amps is they're cheap and bullet proof... mean too... I wouldn't spend over $300 on any one, anywhere though.
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Definitely the Ampeg out of those two for the tones you want. No question.

Maybe if it was a regular Ultra, there would be some debate, but the Ampeg crushes the Ultra Plus for grindy ass brootz.
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Thanks for the replies, everyone. I've never seen a VH140C in my area for under 400 so I'll probably go for that. The Peavey Ultras seem like they're easier to find, so maybe I'll pick one up next paycheck.

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