i have a black piasley model which is a mex tele,i love it alot,become my main guitar in my collection,but i can understand why people prefer the american made models,despite the mex being a very good versatile guitar,the american made just seems a couple notches better,anyone get this feeling from a mexican tele?like it's SOO close in some respects but like 7 miles away,roughly the same sound,roughly the same feel,but just not quite as broken in or polished as it's more expensive counterpart,like your fingers have to fight to get the same type of bite almost..
I bought my first tele about 6 months ago. Initially I couldn't decide what to get. I was pretty set on a Mexican tele at one point, but then I thought screw it and asked the guy if I could try out an American tele even though it was a bit out of my budget. As soon as I played it I could immediately feel the difference in quality and tone. I was pretty much sold within the first 10 seconds.
To me it's how i imagine it would feel when driving a Maserati (poor man's Ferrari in my opinion), and then driving an actual Ferrari. Sure, the first one was nice, but the second one was the real deal.
Basically what I'm getting at with my shitty analogy is that the Mexican tele's are definitely nice, but the American tele's are simply nicer. If you've got that bit extra money to blow get an American tele.
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The only noticeable difference to me is the wider neck on the USA model and pups. I love MIM Fenders. Best part about them is you can pick up a mint used one for around 250. Less if you get lucky.
Not sure about the Tele's, but with Strat's the only noticeable difference to me is the pickups. I can't tell an Am. Std. from an MIM Std. with upgraded pickups.
you might have picked up another MIM that you liked better than the American had you tried out enough of them - as for pickups, many players even "upgrade" the made in America version - it's all relative to the listener's ear.
That being said, the USA instruments are "better" but not necessarily in a way that would make a huge difference in the way they play.
My number one tele was a 91 Korean Squier that I picked up for 120. It felt much better then ALMOST any American I played. The fit and finish was great, neck was smooth and had the ends of the frets rolled and all that great stuff. My only gripe with it was that the neck was a little weak for my taste but thats it.

Only reason I don't have it anymore is because it got destroyed in a flood. Otherwise it would be the single coil alternative to my PRS Mira.

You can't let where it's made make your decision on whether it's any good or not. I actually picked my Mexi standard strat over an American one. All I really need is a pickup change and its perfect for me.

I don't know a single person who could possibly justify $2500 for an MIA Jazzmaster when the $800 MIM is almost exactly the same.
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