I am a musician, I believe that to the fullest extent, and no I do not want to be famous, I just want to express myself in the only way I know how!

Please can someone help me with order of operations?

I cant find anyone who can keep up with my style, or is too advanced,

I play all instruments I'd need, (I play metal, or post-hardcore) I play guitar, bass, and vocals, I want to make a song, but IDK if I should write lyrics then add instruments, or make guitar then bass then drums then vocals, please give me an idea of what thing I should do first!!! Please assume 100% of everything I do is 100% me, NO ONE ELSE! and this is a first for me, please auyda!
It depends? What are you inspired by? Is it a lyric you came up with? Is it a melody? Is it a rhythm? Is it a concept you would like to portray?

There is no right or wrong way to start, which only makes it harder I know.
My advice is find something to build a song around. It can be anything. You can base an entire song (even a complicated song if you want) off of two lines of words or a single melody. From there create music around that little nugget of inspiration.

Don't worry about the order you write things. Think of it like a drawing. It doesn't matter where you start, but as you go you fill the blank spaces with something.

Good luck, I hope that helped!
It really is whatever, a lot of times it starts when you're just noodling around on whatever instrument of just if you talk to yourself, you say something genius and then you write/record it to remember and then just build on it. Honestly I think if you've never EVER written before I say just play around on whatever instrument you are most comfortable, and then play stuff you think sounds cool together. You can do it through a scale if you like or not. Just play whatever it is you enjoy.