Hey ya'll, I'm currently upgrading one of my old knock off strats. I've installed a duncan distortion in the bridge and I am currently looking for a single coil and neck humbucker to install in the middle and neck positions. I mainly use this guitar to play garage/punk/alt rock styles of music but I'd still like it to remain somewhat tonally versitile. I was also wondering if I should use 250k or 500k pots for the master tone and volume??

I'd say use 500k if your neck and bridge pickups are humbuckers. 250k helps dampen the shrill brightness of single coils as they roll off more of the high end. Also get a logarithmic pot for volume and linear for tone.

As for what pickups to get....I cannot help you Best bet I'd say is to listen to recorded clips of the pickups in action and decide from there.
If the bridge pickup is being connected to a tone pot, use 500k for all your pots and choose a middle single coil with a warmer sound to compensate, as a normal single coil with 500k pots will be very, very shrill.
If the bridge pickup isn't being connected to a tone control, the normal Strat way, use a 300k pot for volume and 500k for tone.

Specific pickup advice can come when you can tell us more about the guitar, e.g. woods, scale, construction and what tuning you expect to use.
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