Hey musiclovers!
I need some help here, cause I can't figured it out the guy playing chords at the beginning of the song. Please help me! Sorry for My bad english!

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EDIT - Ignore what I said here.
I'm no expert, but it's more than possible they're not in standard tuning. The chords don't look like more than just any standard barre chord. It'd probably be best if you identify what tuning they're in first?
I'm sure you're also aware there is a capo on the first fret (not that it matters for the barre chords anyways).
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Now that I'm back from work I actually have a chance to properly look at it. My bad, it is in fact in standard tuning. I thought initially it might be open e for some stupid reason. I have a habit of over-analyzing things. I blame listening to too much progressive metal.
It isn't too hard to figure out the chord. She's playing an E major chord during that intro so i assumed he'd either be playing a type of E or B chord. He's playing a root 5 chord so it's definitely a type of B chord. I'm pretty sure he's playing a Bsus2, which is a pretty common chord.

You don't even need to bar it because he's not playing the B and high e strings.

So it's just a power chord which is easy enough

I also assume after that you know he's just playing an A major, E major chord progression.
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