So I have an obsession with 'retroie' type gear. You know, the kinda stuff that 'hispters' find cool
I love indie music, & all the cool unusual guitars a lot of them like to use!

Let's have some fun posting pictures, links, or at least names, of guitars you think are cool/retro/unusual/indie/hipster

I'll go first!
Here's one of my favorites. The cool lil Silvertone amp-in-case guitar. Designed originally as a practice guitar sold by Sears back in the good ole 60's. Now obviously appraised for more than the original retail $67.95 price tag.


I love how it's such a simple, cheap little axe, yet has such soul & beautiful tone out of just a single lip stick pup!
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Hipsters? Probably every and any Fender Jaguar/Mustang/Jagstang
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hybrid 6.0
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Here are some.

-Mosrite Ventures

-Harmony H19 Silhouette

-Hagström Impala

-Hagström Model II

-Fender Electric XII

-Fender Coronado