Looking at options for a distortion pedal to use with my Peavey Classic 30.
I will be using my Stratocaster with Lace Sensors as my main guitar.
I really dig the raw distortion sound on SuperUnknown but also a modern distortion sound so would be really awesome if there was a pedal that could incorporate these tones.
I can understand if you think I should go out and buy a different amp and guitar for the sound that I want but I like what I have so I will try make the most of it.
I've noted the Wampler Triple Wreck as a viable candidate but are there other pedals equivalent to this?

Check out the Okko Dominator
Ibanez SIR27
Pod HD500x

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Cmatmods analog chorus, phaser, tremoglo, signa drive, butah, and deeelay
walrus Audio Descent