Hey everyone,
It is so hard to find tabs for traditional gospel music. I have been trying to get some for this song for a while. Any help you give me would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

The song is "Yes, God Is Real" and can be heard here:

"Yes, God Is Real"
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G                       G7      C
There are some things I may not know
               G      D7      G
There are some places I can't go
                 G7       C
But I am sure of this one thing
               G              D7             G
That my God is real for I can feel Him in my soul
              G7         C
I cannot tell just how I felt
           G           D7   G
When Jesus took all my sins away
                    G7      C
But on that day yes on that hour
           G              D7            G
My God was real for I can feel His holy power
          C                    G
My God is real He's real in my soul
My God is real for He has washed and made me whole
G                  G7        C
His love for me is like pure gold
          G              D7             G
My God is real for I can feel Him in my soul

Thanks Mr. Don,
Now for my next question. Where there seems to be a "gap" between chord changes, do I just stay on the previous chord? I'm not a true beginner. I'm just relearning some stuff.
Yes you stay on the same chord until you see the next one .. And then at that word below that chord you switch to that chord

... By the way... This song was also done by the oak ridge boys as well... And I am sure you can hear it better if you listen to their version.... And I believe they do it in a different key... They will have a guitar tab/chord version on the Internet for their version and the chords to use..... Hope this all help...