It's not often i call upon the help of the pit for things like this but i hope my seven years of on / off posting has earned me the ability to do this. Basically i run the rock society at my university and Spotify are running a competition to create a playlist of 30 songs. The playlist with the most followers has a chance of winning £10,000 to put on an event which considering we are used to running on £300 a year would be amazing. Cheers for your time guys.

The most important thing, click this link and click follow playlist, you don't even need Spotify installed.
**** you mate, follow the society at MY uni.

Second in the table currently I think. They were first.



Yeah, second. Follow someone who could actually win!

(and also follow Vanbrugh, my college)
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You should all follow my society but I can't find our link and I can't be arsed
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Piggy backing my thread, dirty move sir.

All's fair in love, war, and spotify competitions.

But yeah sorry, I just thought while it was being mentioned I'd mention my uni's stuff!

As I say, the one I linked to (Derwent) isn't even my college, but I thought it'd be a waste of votes mentioning my college's playlist. So long as someone I know slightly wins, I'm happy.

Competitions like this are a bit silly though really, nobody really cares about the music, it's just a linkathon popularity contest.
We are almost on the top 20, so going is not too bad. Personally thats why we are doing it as a society to represent rock music in a myriad of similar chart based playlists, nothing wrong with chart music, but what the point having the same playlist 20 times over?
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That's a proper shite playlist tho m8

Well i wasn't expecting anyone to listen to it, just to help a brother out.
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Only if we can split the money.

It will be invested in a Mexican cartel, you can get one free hit.