Im planning on getting these new pickups for my explorer and I was wondering, do you have to rewire everything or can you just take out my old EMG 81/85 and plug them in from the quick plug thing?
It depends on how old the pickups are - if they are new enough they have the solderless gimmick.

Just remove one to see if they're new enough, and substitute all of the electronics to the one you'll get with the het-set if you don't wanna solder anything.
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Unless your guitar's current EMGs are more than eight years old, the Het Set will slot right in via the quick-connect plugs.

When you buy the Hetfield pickups as a set, though, you do get the new pots anyway. It's so easy to switch them over, you might as well swap in the new parts anyway. EMG's newer pots have a much wider range than the old ones and it keeps everything more secure.
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