Hey guys, I'm pretty new to the forums, though I made an account a while back. I've had my acoustic guitar for around two years though have only made a serious effort to improve as a guitarist in the past 5-6 months. I've come to a stand still.

I'm not sure as to how I should improve. I know a few chords and can barre, how to palm mute, and well that's about it. I just need some direction and was wondering if anybody could help with things I should be learning to improve as an acoustic guitarist and really get "there". It can be anything from musical theory to technique, I'd appreciate any help, but in all honesty it's just a lack of direction that's killing me right now.

Thanks for the help!
scales, scales, scales..(i should practice what i preach)
simple blues scale, pentatonic scales to get you started. another good excercise is learning where all of the notes on the fretboard are.
i'm always gonna be a hobbyist strummer. that's my lot in life. i wont really need scales. but if you want to be more than a strummer, scales are a good place to start.
need more gear and a lot more talent(courtesytuxs)
Thank you! Hm are there any specific tutorials you could recommend? If not I can just search myself! Just curious.
Before I took lessons I was kinda at the same level as you. Looking backwards, I highly recommend to learn the following things:

- notes: Where are the notes located on your fretboard? Which notes sound "right" or "good" in combination (scales like minor pentatonic 1 3 4 5 7, e.g. a c d e g)
- Chords: What notes are chords made of? What is a 7 chord, sus and add?
- Strum patterns: something like down down up down down or more sophisticated: down down down up up / down down up down down up (a 2 bar strum pattern; Neil Young uses them a lot).
- music theory in general (!!)
- hammering, sliding, and like

Hope that helps!
Thanks almedin.candic, that actually helps a lot! Also considering getting a teacher within the next few months but that helps a ton and will keep me preoccupied for a long while.
justinguitar.com is a good site to get you movin' a little until you find a decent teacher.
need more gear and a lot more talent(courtesytuxs)
Some handy advice to improve your guitar playing.
1. Learn to read TABB
2. Learn other people's songs. Just take one and play it over and over until you can play it by heart.
3. Repetitions! Lots of it.
4. Jam with friends - swap trick and tips.
5. Youtube has stacks of free guitar tips and tricks. Search for a favourite song you'd like to play and see/hear how others play it.
4. Did I mention repetitions?
5. Go for lessons.
6. Play music you enjoy.
7. Always try and learn something new. Every month learn one new thing e.g. chord/song/picking pattern.
8. And lastly lots of repetitions.
another vote for justinguitar.com - not just because the lessons are decent (which they are), but also because following the lessons in order can help add structure.

btw, if you're not a scale kind of guy, learning other people's songs (you can see people play all sorts of songs on youtube) can help add all sorts of strumming patterns and bits of business that can help you play better. also playing various styles that i don't usually play or listen to not only adds techniques, but also tends to energize my playing.
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I've been learning blues scales and practicing how to solo to some blues backing tracks. Having a little trouble getting into the rhythm of things but as you suggested Joe I'll jam with some friends and see what they can teach me. I can read tab already and have the basics down but I think I should definitely add to my song pool, I know maybe 4-5 songs and that's all.

I've checked out justinguitar.com and the strumming exercises are something I could definitely use. If there's one aspect of guitar that I suck at it's strumming, so I should probably learn some harder strumming patterns.

I agree Patticake, I'll probably start playing music that isn't my style just to gain new techniques etc from it and motivate me a lot more. And you're completely right on the strumming pattern part, I know maybe 2 "harder" strumming patterns and that's about it!

Thanks again guys you're an awesome help!