I want to play the lead part of the song:
Beatstakes - Hand in Hand
The Lead part is written in ternary.
My Question is, shall i train ternary playstyle with 3/4 or 4/4? Iam a little bit confused
Ternary refers to a 3-section form popular in 18th century classical music...

Your metronome needs only to provide the tempo. It's up to you to determine and produce the rhythm.

You may also want to consult another translation source, because your post makes very little sense as it's written. If German happens to be your native language I can help you auf Deutsch, but I'm afraid that's my only non-English competency.
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I've seen the word ternary referring to 3/4, at least in Portuguese (my native language). Other than that, I have no clue as to what TS is actually asking.
thanks guys. i explained it really bad i guess ^^
my teacher teached me ternary rythm with this simple drawing.

i was a little bit confused, because he told me, that these 2 ternary notes are handled like 18 notes. so i was thinking of 2 18th notes instead of 3 18th notes (whitch is right. 1 long terny notes counts for 2 two-third and one short "18th third note" =3/3 18th=2th)

But thanks anyway. I hope you could understand me^^

Is there a way to train the rythm? I jump from ternary to playing all thirds all the time. its hard to get the timing for it

Greetings halo2846
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