Hi all, I'm in the process of practicing Number Charts and decided to chart out Demon Days as means of study. The song is in C and moves in a I vi I vi iii vi iii vi V pattern. I have a pretty good understanding of theory but I can't figure out how to chart this bridge:
F_________ C
Cause all out of song
Eb _________ Ab
I got it down wrong
Dm ________ G
I see myself today
Am_______Cmaj7/G __ F __ C
The long and seeing road down
Come in take a sound
Dm___________ G
I brought the car an' all

The flats are throwing me off. If the notes were simply being flattened they would have to be minor right?
Would it be:
IV______ I
biii ______ bvi
ii________ V
vi_______ I7/V
IV_________ I
biii_______ bvi
ii________ V

So am I in the ballpark or does the bridge change to a flat key? Any help is appreciated!
Thanks Sean! That makes total sense. I haven't gotten into parallel keys yet so thanks for opening that up for me!! So the actual key isn't changing, they've just pulled major chords form the parallel minor? Are there any real guidelines for using these substitutions?

Also how would this be communicated on a number chart that doesn't use roman numerals? Would it be b3M?
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