Hello, i would like to state that this is my first thread here and i don't fully understand where to put this thread, but it seemed appropriate here. So i apologize if this doesn't belong.
I have been writing music for a while now, but I have recently hit somewhat of a block in my writing after not creating anything in quite some time since my last song. The trouble is that i am writing what at least feels to similar to some of the bands I have been listening to. I know what i want to sound like, but I cant get it out right. is there any way some of you make your pieces sound more individual I guess? Thank you!
Just write. If it doesn't sound too similar, I wouldn't care (and even if it did, who cares, you don't need to release it - just write for yourself). You are just getting a strong influence from your favorite artists and that's pretty normal. Of course you write music that you like. Listen to more music to get more influences. For example you can't write jazz if you have never listened to jazz.

You said you know what you want but can't get it out. What does this mean? Can't you find the notes you hear in your head? You need to train your ears. You want to be able to recognize the notes you hear in your head and to be able to play them.
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What MaggaraMarine said is very important. You have to have a strong influence from somewhere in order to be able to write.

If you want to write, lets say rock, you are going to have a hard time if you don't:

1. Listen to rock and enjoy it.
2. Know a lot of rock songs already.
3. Been writing in that style before.

You have to enjoy the style you write in, otherwise you will have bad results.

You also have to have people you learn from and copy from in the beginning, for example i am not afraid of saying that i am ripping off lots players i like, but i blend them and together those influences form MY style. Like Guthrie Govan said: "If you steal from one person it's theft, if you steal from many it's research". When i write i have all the styles and players i learned at my disposal, so the more music you have learned, the more material you have to work with. That is one of the things i think many people get wrong when they start writing songs, they start writing before they copy a lot of other players cause they want to keep their "original" sound, but most of the time it can end up being uninspired cause they haven't had any place to draw inspiration from.

Study the players you like, and not just one or two of them, study them all.

Also, accept the fact that when you start writing songs, they will suck. Writing is a separate skill, just like many things in music. You have to do it a lot to get better at it, you will find stuff you like and stuff you don't like. And over time you will shape your style of writing aswell.

Also, as MaggaraMarine pointed out. Learning by ear and working on your ears are very important, especially if you are writing music.

Hope that helped.

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“If you steal from one person it's theft, and if you steal from lots of people it's research”

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Thank you for the responses. It seems that I have been too worried about what i have been writing mainly. Also I don't believe my problem was not having enough influences or not listening to enough music, but I don't think i realized the influences I had and just didn't really act upon them???? Also what I meant by I know what I want it to sound like- I don't mean I don't understand how to write out a riff in my head for I can do that. What I meant was that say I was attempting a certain genre of music; I wouldn't be able to make a riff or whatever in that area that I like. But regardless I am discovering solutions since I posted this so I believe I will be okay. I apologize for how much of a silly problem this is, and thank you again for the helpful responses.
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