Hello everyone!!

I need some help. Im a home guitar player. I finally finished saving for my home atudio.

I currently have a line6 spider iv amp, m13 for effects amd record using the podhd500. I also have a morley wahwah,and some EH effects.

Im planning on doing this... I play Alter Bridge, Staind, Finger Eleven, Deftones, Art of Dying, Seether...etc

Morley Tremonti wah wah > Digitech Whammy V > EX expression pedal. ABY A going to a Mesa Mini Rect ( for dirty) and use effects loop with m13. And B going to a Fender blues deluxe and just some delay > qtron> reverb on it. I use Schecter guitars...

Do you approve??? Any comments!!

Do you want a home studio or just a some home gear? Some well-placed typos left this somewhat unclear :P

If you want a home studio, you're going to need a good computer, headphones/speakers capable of playing the instruments back clearly, some USB interface stuff and most important of all, either instrument mics or a digital signal processor. How much money do you have? Either way, it's going to cost thousands. Judging the gear you're looking at, you probably have a lot of money, but just checking.

And if you just want home gear, having two tube amps is a bit of an overkill. Of course, if you have money and no neighbors, a recto is a great amp for your style of music. I'm not judging any of your choices here, I'm just pointing out that tube amps are exponentially louder than your current Line 6, and if you live in a small apartment, it's going to be a problem.

Either way, if you want a studio, you've probably estimated the price way lower than what it really is. Recording with the pod is not the best idea in the world. And if you're just purchasing home gear, great, but keep in mind that they take a lot more space and are a lot louder than your current gear.
Your POD HD500 should be able to get pretty decent tones of all those bands you specified, if you want to record don't bother getting tube amps for a home studio. They're loud, very loud. Your POD can record silently and it can record well. Get a USB interface such as a Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 and plug your POD into that to record.

For recording with tube amps, you need first the amps and all that gear, then a decent audio interface and then don't forget microphones to mic it all up, along with that tube amps need to be at a decent volume to get their true sound. Stick with your POD and spend your money on recording gear.
You won't need to A/B your amp with a Fender Blues deluxe, the mesa will have a better clean channel
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