Good morning,
I'd like to present a brand to you that's been helping me to build my own 6-string during the past year.
Schloff Guitars & Basses is a custom shop from Northern Germany that offers handbuilt guitars and basses for every genre.
If you're interested in aggressive and edgy guitars, this might be interesting for you.

We've started the "Beast of the East series" with my model called "Moonbeast". Further shapes are yet to come. The aim is to build edgy shapes with great tone and I think we've definitely reached our goal. Here's some footage of the process of building:

and here's a link to their FB page with a full documentation of the process of building:

Very metallic. Very pretty...er...sinister. Yeah, that's it. I think it's only missing the ovipositor. Very long guitar. If I were a bandmate, I'd wear protective gear.

Seriously, well done and a great look.

I've bashed and worn the pointy bits off my pointy guitar and all that's left is:

Thanks a lot! Yeah it's long indeed. But the geometrics craved that. And I'm 6,5 ft, so it doesn't matter anyway=) It plays great while standing though, and that's all thanks to the size. You can easily "lock" the guitar with your right leg so it nearly plays like other guitars while sitting.