Hi there,

I'm about to upgrade my strat copy with new PUs and a special wiring. The pickups will be a singlecoil-style Seymour Duncan '59, stock single coil (sounds good to me), Seymour Duncan SH-5.
The possitions I imagine will be the following:

1. Neck humbucker full
2. Neck split and mid single coil (inner coil, parallel)
3. middle single coil
4. Neck split and bridge split (outer coils, parallel => Telecaster sound)
5. Bridge humbucker full

This configuration is similar to common Ibanez guitars. The only difference is the 4th position. I have a HH guitar which has the option of Neck and bridge split and it sounds awesome.
I searched the web for a diagram but the closest thing I found was the common HSH wiring (4th position - bridge split and middle), which can be done with a normal 5-way switch.
I don't know how to wire my special configuration.
Is a superswitch needed for this configuration? I do not want to use push-pulls or toggle switches.
I want all positions (except 3 of course) to be free of hum. Should I use a normal or reversed singlecoil in the middle? I have both as the neck singlecoil will not be used.

Can anyone give me a wiring diagram for this? Or if you know an existing thread for this setup, feel free to just post the link here.

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I use a similar set up. Never found any sue for bridge + middle, so I get the neck + bridge instead. All I do is swap the neck and middle pickups around on the switch, so I get:

Bridge + neck
Neck + middle

It doesn't take too long to get used to.

As for adding splits, it should remain the same. I've not wired my own guitars up with splits 'cause I just don't use 'em, but certainly, my Jersey Star uses three humbuckers with splits (stock feature) and uses a regular 5-way, so I do not believe you will need a different 5-way to get the splits working. I'll open up the Jersey Star and double-check, but I'm 99% sure that simply swapping the neck and middle pickups around on the switch will do the trick.
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Thanks for the suggestion. Hm that is a cool idea but it would be more a workaround than a real solution for me.
I am now one step further: I know I will need a superswitch because I will not use the middle pickup in the 4th position. This is different from the standard HSH wiring with strat-like 2nd and 4th position.

I found a very similar scamatic at Dimarzio's website. By the way they seem to have a hell lot of scamatics there so be sure to take a look at that website!
The only difference here is the middle position:
I want the middle single coil alone for extra versatility. Very few Humbuckers sound like real single coils when split.

Maybe someone can tell me what I have to wire differently to get the single coil in the middle position. ..or modify the graphic and attach it here..that would be great. The wire colors are for Dimarzio pickups..gotta translate that for the seymours.
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YES! I guess I was able to solve this on my own with a bit of research. After about 4 hours I think I've got a usable wiring diagram. Everything looks like it works.
The colors of the wires, except for the single coil are for Seymour Duncan pickups. I wired the humbuckers in reverse so the outside coils are used when split. When I follow the wiring instructions from SD, the inside coils are used.
In some forums i've read that this might end up with too much treble from the split bridge PU, but i'll give it a try. Do you think I should rather use a 250k tone pot instead of 500k? I'd rather use a 500k..a potentiometer does not always have to be at 10. What difference do different capacitors make?
Maybe I'll add a "solo-switch" (really easy to do) to bypass the pots. That way I could quickly switch between an ajusted treble cut and the full screaming sound.
Anyways, maybe there is a reason I have not found any diagram for this configuration. So if the whole outside-coils-idea turns out to be shitty, I will simply turn the humbuckers 180 degrees. The cool thing about having the single coil mode on the screw coils is that there are ajustible polepieces.
I've attached a graphic. Please tell me what you think about my wiring diagram! Feel free to check it for mistakes.
Unbenannt 2.jpg
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Another update and it is starting to look like a F'n dream.
I have found a way to add a DPDT switch/push-pull for switching between inside and outside coils in the 4th position. Therefore the reverse humbucker wiring is not neccesary anymore.
EDIT: spotted and removed a mistake on position 2. Added the "solo-switch", potentiometers and output jack. Looks like it is finished now. Time to order the parts...
Please take a look, comment, tell me if you spot any mistakes! Thank you!
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I'm very, very sorry it took so long for me to get to this. Also I can't use the PM system for the time being (unless it is the older one used by the forum and not the newer one used by profiles).

There are some issues. First off, the Seymour Duncan color code is not quite the same as your explanation. For one, humbucker coils in "full humbucker mode" are always wired in series with their FINISH wires connected. The way your diagram notes it is one coil's start wire connects to the other coil's finish wire; this is incorrect. Also, are you sure that the screw and slug coils have the same wire colors, regardless of whether the pickup was meant for the neck or bridge position? Because honestly that thought never crossed my mind so idk if that's how they do it. I don't think so, but the only way to be sure is to reverse-engineer the pickups to see how they are constructed (which, honsetly, would be excellent for future reference).

It also looks like the 4th position select switch will cause the pickup selector to be screwy with positions 4 and 5. I'm rusty at proofreading complex diagrams so I might be wrong. To be honest, I doubt there will be much difference in sound between the 4th position select switch so you probably won't end up using it much. I would just get rid of it...

Edit: forgot to mention, watch the pinout of the selector switch. Some have this pinout:
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Hi, thanks for your feedback!
You're right, i've screwed up the wire labeling below the diagram. The colors as shown, however shound be OK. Just checked here: http://cdn.seymourduncan.com/images/support/schematics/color_codes.jpg
I'm not sure if the screw/slug coil wire colors are the same..In most cases they are called north and south. That is somehow confusing because the magnet polarity on neck pickups is the opposite of bridge pickups (if not, screw + screw or slug + slug wound not be hum cancelling). Maybe I'll just get a bunch of alligator clips and do some testing instead of trusting the web. Then I'll be 100% sure which wire goes to which coil. There may also be differences between manufacturers. For the Duncans, I'll post the results in the forum when I'm done.

Well when I know which wire feeds which coil, there comes the next confusion because I screwed up the wire labeling...:
Does it matter in which direction I wire two coils in parallel as long as they are in the same direction? For example both red wires hot (greens ground) OR both green wires hot (reds ground). Green is labeled as south start(!!!) in the SD graphic. Green is ground in position 4 in my diagram. Does start always have to be hot? If so, I would really have to overthink the 4th position because I would have to completely both PUs when switching between the two options.

Can you explain why the pickup selector will not work right between position 4 and 5?

Actually there is quite some difference between the sound of the inner or outer coil of the bridge humbucker. I once played a guitar which had those "triple shot" mounting rings with tiny switches, which let you switch each coil individually. The outer bridge coil has more of the Fender-treble. That half of an inch makes some difference this close to the bridge. Maybe that is too much treble with this guitar, maybe I'll not use the switch a lot, then I'll remove it in the future, but I simply don't know. Because of that, I want to have both options.
Thanks a lot for your help even the diagram is complex. I also hope my english is understandable enough for this technical stuff. It's getting me confused even in german, so it's likely that I make a mess here..
Do you know another experienced forum member for this topic, who I can ask for help? I don't want to bother you that much if you're not into proofreading diagrams a lot.
Your English is very good. I actually hadn't noticed that you're German. And as far as I know, the most experienced wiring guys left a long time ago (hopefully I don't offend someone there, if so then I apologize). I've noticed that other people are more willing to help when the diagrams aren't really complex. So I guess I'm all you have for now.

The reason I think the switch will be screwy in positions 4 and 5 is that it looks like the 4th position select switch ends up shorting positions 4 and 5 of the pickup selector. If that's the case, then those two positions will be active regardless of whether the selector is in position 4 or 5.

As long as ALL the pickups are wired the same way around, it doesn't matter which "direction" they are wired in. If only ONE pickup is involved, then the "hot" and "ground" labels are irrelevant. When multiple pickups are involved, though, you need to pay attention to which wires are hot and ground or else you'll end up with an out-of-phase pickup.
Thank you Jim!
Hm I wonder where the experienced guys went... I really like the UG forum. It is the biggest guitar forum out there isn't it?
Oh the out-of-phase thing..I remember.. Gotta watch out with the middle single coil combined with the neck humbucker. Luckily I have a reversed and non reversed SC from this guitar in my parts box.
I guess I will just order the parts I need when my wallet allows it ...and then do what I, as an IT guy normally do: Trial and error.
I will post the results here, when the project is finished.
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Good luck, man. If you need anything else, I'll try to help as my internet access allows

As for the other guys, most of them left because real life just got in the way I guess. I'm still here because I have no life.
Finished the project!
I have simplified this again (no inner-outer coil select switch, neck always uses the inner coil when split), this makes it a a lot easier with a superswitch.
However, Seymour Duncan was getting me some trouble:
The little '59 and fullsize humbucker, both by SD have opposite winding directions. The little '59 is also backwards (black + white: outer coil) So when you connect them for auto-splitting as normal, there is no hum cancelling. Then when just completely reversing one HB to get the other coil when split: the coils are out of phase! I don't know why SD is doing this...
To fix this, I had to connect the neck lil'59 as normal but reversed (black: ground, white + red: serial link[grounded in split mode], green: hot) and the bridge HB with swapped coil order, like this: white: hot, black + green: serial link[grounded in split mode], red: ground.

Wiring diagram below.
Now that it works, I love it!
I have also made some other modifications on the guitar. Check them out in the guitar customizing gallery thread: post no. 650

Wiring diagram:
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