Hello all, I got a problem with my Schecter demon V-1. I bought it 2 months ago. Actually I am not so sure if it is a problem or not. When I switch pickups my volume button changes its place. For the bridge pickup, I use the third tone button but when I switch to the neck pickup it moves to the middle button. Is it normal or is there a problem with the electrical circuit or something
This is in the wrong forum, but I'll answer anyway.
From what it sounds like, you have a volume, volume, tone setup. Basically, each pickup has it's own volume control (try turning one down and switching pickups). On my Schecter, the bridge volume is the one nearest to the neck and the neck pickup is the next one along, followed by the tone (it's quite hard to explain, but I hope you know what I mean). If this is the case, it's completely normal. A Les Paul has a similar setup, but each pickup has it's own tone too.
Yeah that was what I wanted to know. My volume controls are just like yours then. Volume-volume-tone. The other volume is activated when you switch pickups. Thank you or your help. Sorry for writing in the wrong forum. I am new here and I thought I was allowed to write only in the beginners forum as a new member.