I've posted on here before, and now I'm somewhat desperate. I have a PodHD500 that I can use to interface with my PC, but I need help with getting drums going. So I can record me jamming over drums with my guitar. Maybe even program my own drums so I can write basic riffs. I also have Guitar Pro 5 and Audacity for the actual recording, but I don't know how to utilize them to do what I want.

If you have any bits of wisdom that can help me get going, I'll send you a case beer. Serious. Really serious.

Use Guitar Pro to write the drum track, then solo the drums and export it as a .wav. It'll sound shit, but good drum libraries will cost you money. If you need anything better, get Steven Slate Drums 4 Deluxe for $40. Or DrumMic'A for free, really.
You can't go wrong with Toontrack's EZ Drummer. Not expensive and it really is just drag and drop...real easy and quick to get a beat going for a riff idea.
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If you're stuck on audacity. You can download a vst importing ability file.
It'll allow you to import vst just like any other daw.
You can adjust the latency in the sound device menu just like all the daw.

There's plenty of free amp sims, fx, and suit out there. Pick one or a hundred.
There free beat machine vsti too.

You can just drag and drop the mp4 files from youtube into a Reaper track.lol
There's plenty of backing tracks posted on youtube.
If not, it'll only takes 30 sec to convert to an mp3, waves or whatever.
Import that into audacity, I guess.

You can drap and drop whatever wave files into whatever daw.
There's plenty sample loops on the net.

If you don't want to use a DAW use Vsthost. Vsthost will host any vst or vsti.
It'll run a vsti (drum machine..ect) and your amp sim vst at the same time.
Get Asio4all, if you hanvt.