About 18 months ago, I bought a 1994 MIA Predator whose prior history is unknown, but as far as I can tell from the outside, it appears to be stock. I've been really happy with it, but tonight, I happened to check the pickup position switch functions by gently tapping a screwdriver on the pickups. This is what I found:

Switch position 1 (pointing at the neck) - middle pickup (only) is active
Switch position 2 - neck and middle pickups are active
Switch position 3 - neck pickup (only) is active
Switch position 4 - neck and bridge pickups are active
Switch position 5 (pointing at the bottom of the guitar) - bridge pickup (only) is active

This isn't the normal Fender Stratocaster behavior as far as I understand it. Instead, it seems like the neck and middle pickups have been swapped from their "normal" wiring positions. Was this a Peavey thing or did a previous owner change things around? Just curious. I don't know if it's wired this way or if someone physically switched the middle and neck pickups (though I'm at a loss as to why they might do this).