Here's a playlist of my work up to now (thesis writing has put things on a bit of a standstill this year) I'm hoping to hear some insights on the mixing side of things, how I may have improved, maybe some mistakes that you hear me making consistently from one song to another. First song starts from the bottom! But they're numbered, also feel free to listen in any order just realize mix #0 or #1 are the oldest.


Any insightful opinions would be greatly appreciated. I'm looking to hone this craft called mixing and have been doing it for years so far. But from time to time I begin to think I'm severely limited as a result of gear, or lacking thereof (for example a physical amp to record, having not played a different guitar for over ten years, etc.) and more specifically on account of my own lacking guitar playing.

I'm considering the Kemper profiler in the future given the following it has in terms of capturing some well tracked profiles that can serve well in a mix.
Anyways as always, your thoughts are appreciated!

And the list is littered with a few covers, but mostly originals so far if I remember correctly.
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I didn't get chance to listen to much as I have to go but from what i heard sounded really good (production wise)
"MP3s from the Youtube Video series "Riff n' Mix", where I take a cool riff and whip up a mix."

What is it you do?
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"MP3s from the Youtube Video series "Riff n' Mix", where I take a cool riff and whip up a mix."

What is it you do?

I don't understand, do you mean on the videos? I make the vids, do the performances & writing, mix, etc but the soundlcoud tracks are just of the songs from said vids.

For example


is from track #7 I believe, which was a cover.
Most of the time I have a couple of riffs that I've written, which I like, but never really get around to writing them into full blown songs (a few exceptions). Maybe the vids give a little closure But the bigger point I guess is so that I can move onto the next project instead of dwelling on it had I just left it as a song render.
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The description was a bit confusing, I assumed you took someone elses' recorded materials and mixed it. The weakest point I find are the drums, specifically bass drum, it stands out but sounds plastic- in the YT link you provided. Guitars sound great as they are- for the genre assumed.
I'm very new to the production game so I don't have much to contribute there, but I thoroughly enjoyed the first couple of song I listened to. The first song was almost Opeth-ish in terms of the phrasing and atmosphere, the second reminded me of a wonderful mix of Finntroll and Amon Amarth...just great stuff. That is all.