current set up, pretty happy with it. Have just got a couple more pedals I need (memory boy and an expression pedal) and a few things I reeeeally want (burns double 6, rickenbacker 350)

Amp:Rockerverb 50 Mk2
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Cry baby wah wah
Drop Tune Whammy
Way huge Swollen Pickle
Nessfield Bluezer Distortion
Jimi Hendrix Fuzz Face mini
EVH MXR Phaser
EQD Despatch master
Fuzzrocious Terrordactyl
Fuzzrocious Tremorslo
Dr Zulu delay
Boss tuner and Noise supressor
Morley buffer/boost.

I used some of this stuff to make this > https://soundcloud.com/filthyapes/colour-cafe-master
Nice! How's that Airline treatin' you?
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I'm just hopping in the bandwagon to say that the Airline is looking extremely good. I'm not that impressed about the pedals, but that because I'm an elitist brand snob

And I'm jealous of the amp. I can't afford an Orange
Liking an Airline isn't being on a bandwagon, it's good taste
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What do you think of the Swollen Pickle?
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The airline has become my main guitar for gigging, its light and super versatile! having a tone and volume knob for each pickup comes in really handy and people just love the look of it, I want to chuck a bigsby on her...

Swollen Pickle has treated me good for a pretty long time, its just a fat full thick fuzz pedal so it's pretty much what you want haha
Fuzzrocious looks great, I haven't heard of them before. Although I'm not sure what to think of the "broke dick peanut gallery"
Awesome rig, I love Orange amps, especially the Rockerverb's and OR's.

This should be in the "pics of your gear thread" or the "rate my gear thread" instead of having it's own. Reported.