Hey all I've been playing for like 10yrs but I've started to notice that once I go up the neck (past 7th fret) and try to play bar chords I can't fret all strings perfectly, 1 or 2 strings either end up muted or weak sounding and it doesn't sound full or snappy when I hit the chord. It makes my playing sound less confident as a result.. I have 3 guitars. 2 strats and an acoustic. The MIJ 80's strat has bigger frets than the other 2 guitars and I don't have this problem on that guitar. But with the MIM strat and acoustic the frets are very tiny.

I just picked up the acoustic and figured out I can never mute them all, because of the convex/half moon shape of the necks I have to either angle my hand up or downward and this always results in a string or 2 being sacrificed out of the chord. My finger simply can't shape to the neck/tiny frets. I never used to have this problem I think it's because my hands are a lot meatier from playing over the years. On the MIJ strat the bigger frets have more than enough clearance for my hands to shape to the neck with ease and it just sounds so much better to play because of this, no dead notes, every note is a nice even crisp volume.

I was just wondering if anyone else has come across this sort've problem? Should I still be able to bar smaller fret guitars? Is it just poor technique or are small frets just crap/not suited to me.

Any advice would be great! cheers
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Hey, if you do an "air chord change" - ie. move super slow from one chord to the other while concentrating intensely on how your fingers are moving and don't strum, can you get your fingers into position? I'd say that if you can do that, then you'll be able to get those chord clean with enough practice.