Overall, it was a good song as a whole, had a really powerful feel to it. That's the adjective i'd describe the entirety of the song with: powerful.

Breaking it down a bit, first the intro: Kind of a stationary riff, not much happening, but the riff itself is good and it sets the tone for the rest of the song. I really like the bassline, simple but effective. The little solo in the intro was nice, but nothing outstanding. But well, an intro solo is not meant to be outstanding, right?

Intro part 2: it's a really catchy and strong riff with the guitar, it's a really good riff in my opinion, I like it more than the first intro riff. I'm not sure what I think of the faster bassline here, it's nice but it's not my thing. Only gripe about this part is the last bar before transitioning to the solo, bar 41, I feel that extending the time signature was a bit unnecessary and I didn't like the buildup that much. That is just my opinion though, it's not a bad part but it isn't great either imo.

The first verse is a bit confusing, I'm not a huge fan of the riff but it does it's job. It's also a bit abrupt part, it just comes and goes really quick. But the part 2, the acoustic part is really nice. I like the melody and the feel a lot, certainly my favorite part so far, at least on par with intro part 2. Part 3 is a nice, powerful riff, but the short rest and the fast lick that comes in the end of each cycle is a bit of a gripe for me. But anyway, it's a great riff.

The part I recon is the chorus (estribillo) has a really sudden mood swing, I think it changes really abruptly. I like the part itself, the transition is just a bit sudden.

The solo part is nice and old school, I get that kind of a classic guitar hero feel from it. Not much to say, I don't like analyzing solos, sorry about that :P

Again, the transition to the estribillo is too sudden imo, but it's not song breaking. The outro is good, I like the ending and it fits the song.

So, that is just my quick analysis of the song In general I like it, even though it has a few flaws. If you want to C4C, you can find my WIP prog track right under your thread here.