It's been a while, almost 3 years since I've bought a new guitar and I've got the itch again. Though there are a few guitar shops around the island, I've not found any of their stock to impress me enough to buy it, so I decided to drop a line here and ask around.

I play mostly metal, and occasionally some alternative so I'm looking for a guitar that can play clean enough to make a man weep, and harsh enough to make him want to punch his grandmother, has a relatively thin neck (something similar to the Wizard III) and a cutaway that gives good access to those higher frets. I've been looking at getting another Ibanez, but figured I'd take some input from y'all and trying to find the make/model around before making a final decision.

so, with that aside, any suggestions?
I'm really digging my Jackson Japan made DKMGT
right now nice fast neck low strings and pretty versatile
even more so after I swap the Emg hz set out of it.
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Quote by Envinyatar1987
If you want to go with Ibanez.. did you check their anniversary line? http://www.marshallforum.com/guitars/59578-ibanez-rg-s-series-25th-anniversary-xxv-electric-guitar.html With the dimarzio's with coil tap they are incredibly versatile. I would also recommend the PRS SE series, however, I suppose their baseball bat like necks are not what you are looking for.

Baseball bats? HAve you played epiphones and schecters?
My PRS is a bit thinner than my LTDs.

TS budget and location please.
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Quote by Envinyatar1987
I would also recommend the PRS SE series, however, I suppose their baseball bat like necks are not what you are looking for.

Yes, PRS SE guitars are awesome, but no PRS neck is as thin as an Ibanez Wizard neck.

That said, the PRS wide thin neck profile is insanely comfortable.
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You might like the Fernandes Revolver:

And they're having a clearance sale on a limited quantity of their guitars- including some Revolvers- here:

Godin Redlines may also work for you:
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Try a Jackson with a set of Seymour Duncan JB / Jazz. What amp are you using?
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