Hey folks,

I was wondering how many of you play instruments other than the guitar??

I started playing the harmonica last year, and I started playing the piano last month.

How about you guys?
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I tried playing the harmonica, but i'm terrible at it

I'm working on the ukulele atm though
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I beatbox, play the larynx decently, and I've been playing the xylophone this year a good amount. Thats a fun instrument

EDIT: and thank you for that picture of Patrick. it's brilliant.
I play drums. Although I don't practice anywhere near as much as I should.
Here we go again with all the

"I play the guitar, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, electric-acoustic guitar, bass, upright bass, electric bass, acoustic bass, and the didgeridoo."
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lol like anyone on here even plays an instrument at all
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I can play 6 one stringed instruments simultaneously.
Tuba. Best instrument ever, no contest in my mind.

Also, I'm learning trombone and piano.

In fact, I barely ever play guitar/bass/drums unless I have to.