Been playing for 5-6 years now self-taught of course, and for as far as I can remember, when tremolo picking, I do it the other way around, what I mean is that I instead of starting out with a downstrum like (I think...) everyone does, I do it up first... So instead of down up down up down up I do up down up down up down. This annoyed me in the beginning since I wanted to play perfectly but now I really don't even pay attention to it, it sounds exactly the same and it works just as fine, it doesn't limit me in any way and I can play whatever I want.

On the other hand, strumming and alternate picking etc I do just like everyone else...

The reason I post this is to see if it's just me that does this? Is this uncommon to do?
What pick stroke you start with really doesn't make that much of a difference. With enough time, you will be able to pick comfortably regardless of what pick stroke you start with.
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I know it doesn't that's what I said, in the beginning it bothered me because Alexi Laiho (lol I was young, let's keep it at that) didn't do it that way but I've realized a long time ago it doesn't make a difference in sound but was just curious to see how many others, if any, do this as well
When your skipping strings during tremolo picking you tend to start on different strokes (lmao) constantly. Makes switching around much less effort and more ergonomic. For me anyway.
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