Looking for a session guitarist to record a 80s style rock/blues solo of intermediate difficulty (already written). Huge plus if you can record DI for re-amping as well. Guitar Pro 5 tab and sample track will be provided.

Please contact me with samples of your work and we can discuss rates.

My name is Kyle Ganger.
Here's my Youtube with a couple of older video of my playing.

I've also got a few tracks on my soundcloud which I think gauge my lead playing pretty well.

https://soundcloud.com/kyleganger/terribad-solo-to-an-awesome (this was improv)

I'm able to do DI's as well.
Let me know if you're interested in working together.
My Soundcloud dudes
Recording gear:
Yahama Hs8
Saffire Pro 40
Shure Sm57
Shure Sm7b

Guitar gear :
Ebmm BFR7
Axe fx XL+
Walrus audio Janus
Ibanez Ergodyne
Black Market Custom cab