i really liked it although i would fade out the rain sound at 1:30. i thought the drum performance was a bit sloppy and the stereo field at 4 mins needs reconsidering.
the concept is a gooden though.
you got another listener.
It was cool, i agree that buzzing thing that starts at 4mins should be changed, i liked the song besides that!
I really liked this; I love the bassline to the quiet section leading up to 4:00, and then I really love that pseudo-climax.

If possible, maybe make that buzzing sound that starts at 4:00 lower, it should make it sound a little fuller while making it a little more subtle. What I'd do is make a copy of the sound and put it on the other speaker, then make the copy lower, and make the original (the higher one) quieter. I think it'd make that part sound a little bigger.

The piano at the beginning goes on way too long; you need to either shorten it, or start including other things (samples, melodies, atmosphere, fade-ins, percussion, et cetera).

Good work.