Hello friends, this is a new Flamenco Jazz composition, playing fretless bassguitar, guitarsitar, mandola, cajón flamenco, claps, rhythm guitar, lead guitar, ipad and vocals.

Hope you like it and thanks so much for listen !!! Chema Vilchez

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After watching that, i cant imagine u not winning. To me, that was just insanely impressive, from the editing, to the fact you did everything, just wow dude! That was so sick, and i cant say Ive ever heard anything quite like it. Its like frank zappa meets flamenco. Quite strange and fascinating. That was just beyond amazing!

Well my friends, what can I say?? Thanks so much for your words and kindness !!
It was very funny to create that small piece of music.

I am very glad that you like this mix or fusion of the different musical languages.

Thaaaaaaanks !!! Chema
I got a couple of private mails asking me for the luthier that craft the double neck fretless guitar. His name Jorge Dlutowsky, he lives in Madrid , Spain, and is and amazing person and luthier. You can find him in facebook by: Yurec Luthier.