Someone on the official Rocksmith 2014 forums came up with a great idea of getting everyone to play along to a different band, key and scale every week in Session Mode and I gave it a go and the video is above. But I'm pretty sure I've nicked the hook (a hammer-on on the D string 12th fret to the 14th fret) from somewhere and I've idea what song it is. It's really doing my head in lol.

It kind of sounds The Thrill Is Gone-ish but that's not it.

The band is the Modern Blues band in E Major using the Blues scale.

I've made loads of **** ups but I haven't been playing long. If anyone can give me pointers on how I can improve my performance then I'd be very grateful.

Was also just wondering how many other Rocksmith 2014 users there are here and whether it was worth organising a similar thread here echoing the one on there for people on here to contribute to..? A new band, key and scale is going to be chosen every Monday so if anyone fancies giving it a go I'll start a separate thread for it if there's enough interest.