Hey guys,

I finally got all my pedals hooked up to my Midi-14, all powered and working. However when I use my EHX Deluxe Electric Mistress Flanger, depends on the settings, I can hear a slight noise emitting from the amp. The noise gets more frequent and noticeable as I play around with the range/color/rate settings. It occurs when I'm not playing but with the pedal switched on. When I am playing with the pedal on, the guitar sounds mask the noise. Because of the true bypass loopers on the Midi-14, when the DEM is not in use the noise is completely gone. Is this pedal a notoriously noisy pedal by design? I get a similar noise although much less noticeable from my Red Witch pentavocal tremelo. The noise goes in and out along with the the velocity settings. Again, is this normal?

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Does the noise go away when you turn your guitar volume down?
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