Right, I want to know how you guys clean your fretboards.

Usually i use rubbing alcohol to clean the fretboard, then apply dunlop lemon oil so it doesn't dry it out. ( Rosewood and ebony fretboards )

I was at the store earlier today and found the dunlop 01 fingerboard prep and clean and the 02 deep conditioner.

Is what i'm doing sufficient? If not , how do i use the dunlop products on the fretboard?

01 then 02 then lemon oil? 01 then lemon oil? 01 then 02 and no lemon oil ?

P.s - I'm aware that fretboard cleaning should only be done once or twice a year.
I just wipe the fretboard down as I change the strings. Getting rid of any dirt before it really builds up.
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The acid in lemon oil is bad for the fretboard (or something like that). You can read this article:


Mostly I just use a brillo pad and a credit card then just wipe it down.
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Quote by TheStig1214
The acid in lemon oil is bad for the fretboard (or something like that).

Lemon oil for instruments is just mineral oil with fragrance. It cannot have a PH and is not acidic. It is totally safe to use the lemon oil marketing for instruments on a fretboard, just don’t use the stuff marketed for furniture.

Anyway just use Gorgomyte. It cleans and polishes the fretboard and frets in less time than it would take to mask off the frets for scrubbing with an abrasive. Amazing product.
The way I do it is I use one spray from the dunlop cleaner and prep for every 4 or so frets (higher up on the neck I compensate for the smaller frets and do 5-6) and rubbing it quite a bit with a soft cloth to get rid of all visible dirt. I make sure that there is little to no dirt at all. Then I use the dunlop deep conditioner and rub it directly onto the board, covering all of the fretboard in the oil (once I get to the higher frets as the fuzzy end thingy of the deep conditioner bottle is bigger than the gaps between the frets, I apply it to a cloth and rub it on from there). You don't need to get stingy with it either, there's plenty in the bottle. Once I've done all that I start from the bottom, getting rid of all the exes oil from the deep conditioner with a soft cloth, leaving my fretboard looking and feeling really nice, especially on a rosewood fingerboard (I even do this for the bridge on my acoustic). However, don't use deep conditioner more than I think it's 3 times a year, as it can over-moisturize the neck. That's how I do it at least, there are a few videos on the net that show how it's done too.