I'm really conflicted of what amp to get. I`m almost stuck on Marshall's. There isn't much music stores around to try out all the ones i want to. I need something that will get me a Kill Em All tone along with later Metallica and Megadeth sound as well as death metal like cannibal corpse. I do realize i can use pedals to get to death metal tones bust most importantly I would like a 80`s and modern thrash amp. I am willing to go used and my budget is 1400 (maybe 1500)
splawn quickrod may be worth a look. i own one model really similar to that and another splawn.

shit. sorry, you would probably not in a store, you would likely have to go on line, but thats your deal.
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Are you just practicing or are you going to perform? A lot of practice amps have different modeling selections. Some of these have a "metal" setting, and they come cheap.
You can get more out of your amp by boosting it with an overdrive for more heavier metal tones. That should tide you over until you find the amp you are looking for. I'll recommend Peavey heads or combos, you can still get more "classic" metal tones with them if you are careful with which one you get. I've heard the "Peavey Windsor" is voiced more towards a JCM800. It has a less gain compared to a 6505. I'll also recommend a Peavey JSX. It'll nail the 80s metal tones, along with nice cleans, and it can get pretty heavy too. Just try em' out.
Maybe a Randall? I'm not very knowledgeable about specific models, but i see them being used for thrash all the time, and they seem to do high-gain pretty nicely.
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there are other options out there besides Marshall amps, and thats coming from a Marshall owner. if you really like the Marshall tone, make sure you get the right one for your style of music. most Marshalls will have to be boosted to handle more modern "death metal" tones. but from what youre saying, you want an amp that can do just about everything. i recently bought a JVM410HJS and it is probably the best amp i've ever played. it is extremely versatile and can easily do the styles you listed. the type of speakers in your cab will also make a difference. but i doubt you will even need to boost it, i also play modern metal and it's got more gain than i'll ever need once you get to the red modes on the overdrive channels.
Did you make another thread about this? I don't ever read usernames really, but someone else was looking for Kill Em All tone and Cannibal Corpse tone.

Either way, same answer. Marshall JCM2000 DSL100. Not the new DSL100H. That amp is garbage. The older one.
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Kill 'Em All is Marshall JMP or SLP Arrendondo Mod + ProCo Rat I think. Good luck finding one of them though.

Have a look at a JCM900. Could be what you want.
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Ideally a Splawn Quickrod. After that, Marshall JCM900 SL-X. After that, JCM2000DSL or a JCM900 MKIII and cut out the clipping diodes and use a boost.
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