I've owned the Vox DA5 for a while, it got stolen. It was a pretty good practice amp, I've used the hi gain 1 and crunch 2 alot. The cleans were very good.

Vox no longer produces the amp anymore and the Vox Mini 5 is a replacement. has anyone played them? Better if you've played both the Da5 and the mini 5
I don't understand the purpose of the question.
I mean do you want a new amp suggestion?
Name's Luca.

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Clue: amplifiers amplify so don't turn it on if you need quiet.
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I played one. I preferred the tone of the Yamaha THR10 I also tried the same day. I found the Vox hissy on the HiGain settings, and a bit flat sounding on the Blues and Crunch settings. The effects were OK. I wouldn't recommend this amp.
musicandthewave hi there, i bought vox mini 5 rhytm a month ago and it is really good. though i would like to have output jack so i can line out vox 5 to PA while have a monitor. hope someone will post how to do it here.. thanks