hey everyone. Just wondering if anyone knew what I could do. My high e string slips out of the nut whenever I do bends. Can I make a deeper groove with something (hopefully not too much I like the action on it) or do I have to replace the nut all together. Thanks.
The nut slot probably isn’t deep enough. You can file it out with a nut file or a welding torch cleaner. Only file away a tiny bit at a time because if you go too low the string will buzz on the first fret if you play it open and if you make the slot too wide the string will slide around in the nut.
i had a nut for a Gibson (1980's) cut. that is the ONLY work i have paid to get done and i was happy. he is local player too, so it just cost like $20 and he likes PBR so i bought it from a gas station on the way. i drank the others. he was happy and so was i.

unless you have proper files, i just wound't do it. i have built two guitars, i have built two amps and modded one. set up hundreds of guitars and have been fine but its easy to **** up on and need yet another nut.

and plus its just a good thing to have a properly cut nut.
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sometimes a thin toothpick tip with fine sandpaper bit glued to it. , on or two passes in the cut will do it.
but you have to make sure there is an UPward slant UP towards the fretboard in the cut or you will get buzz.

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You could make the nut a little bit deeper, but then maybe the string will be too low. Maybe you could try pressing the string down with something just behind the nut so it stays in tight there.
What kind of guitar is it? Would string trees help with that?

No clue here. But before altering the nut I'd make sure it wasn't something as simple as string tree needs to be tightened a little.