Hey guys,

Recorded a new track yesterday. Give it a whirl!

Not really sure what to call the genre on this one. It was influenced by a number of different bands, namely Gojira, Conquering Dystopia and Dethklok, but it's got that Middle Eastern flavour ala "Prince of Persia" type thing going on.

I usually call it epic cheese metal, since I find it hard to be subtle.

Crits are most welcome, i'm always looking to improve my songwriting
(Production advice isnt all that helpful at the moment considering i'm mixing on hi-fi speakers but that's welcome too)

Intro: pretty cool melody, did you use an acoustic for the first notes? Takes me to ancient Egypt lol.

Verse: too much chugga' chug for me, but I understand you were going for that. Part at 1:09 really gets my attention, I like it a lot.

Chorus: same melody as intro, pretty chilling, and then it dives into that badass riff, one of my favorites on this song.

Breakdown: nice double bass and tremolo there, followed by a devastating blast beat, not much to say.

Clean section: I iked it. It's not my favorite part of the song, but the build up to the solo is nice.

Solo: the first note is gorgeous, it gave me the chills, the rest is a little short and I wished it would go on at 3:31 all the way to the chorus, where it plays the melody an octave higher.

Outro: pretty heavy, it reminded me of the verse, not bad but it didn't get my attention too much.

Overall this is a great song and I really enjoyed it, I wonder how no one has commented on it yet. Looking forward for more of you!

Can you review my song here?
Sounds great, man!

Love the clean break in the middle.

It's cool how you brought back the initial melody with the lead guitar towards the end. Good stuff!
Sounds pretty heavy, but not too heavy for me. Playing is tight. Noticed the Zakk Wylde harmonics (good), glad they're not too often. Drums are good. Some good vocals could be nice. Brief middle mellow part was a nice surprise. Nice lead wah guitar. Well done. Please review my music at this link (the top/first song is heavier):