I just put my name on the waiting list for a set neck Explorer style kit from Guitar Fetish. Any one here have experience with this kit? Any advice on the best glues to use or finish products? This would be my first build if I go through with it.
G.A.S. Afflicted
I havnt heard much good stuff about the GFS kits so far, I all ways hear about how much work they needed in just preparing everything to fit properly such as bad neck pockets and warped necks, I also hear that the poplar wood sucks. I have heard good things about these kits though and ive seen some awesome results without much more than just sanding, painting, and putting everything together. http://www.bargainmusician.com
Use titebond II for the glue.

Dyes if you decide to go that route, look for aniline dyes. These mix well and are far more thna you'll need for a single guitar. http://kedadyeinc.com/order-your-dye-kit.php

As for the top coat it depends on what you're looking for and your experience level. You'll need a sanding sealer after you dye it before the clear coats.

IF you choose to you can also oil it instead of spraying it with a lacquer.

The number one thing to remember is do not rush anything. Plan on this taking a month or more to put together. Patience is the key to not completely funking things up. I never saw these kits. I'm tempted to grab one after seeing them. I'm curious to see how they play.

Your best bet is to ask one question at a time. Step one, when that bad boy comes in - Gluing the neck in. I'd use titebond 2 or 3. 3 isn't necessary. Do not clamp it toooooooo tight. Most beginners think you need to clamp it as tight as you possibily can, but the truth is if you clamp it down that tight you're squeezing out most of the glue and getting a weaker joint.

Come back when you're ready for step 2!