currently im recording guitar using a SM57 into a 2i2.
my camera has a 3.5mm external mic input in it.
my question is, is it possible to use a xlr to 3.5mm converter and record the guitar
directly into the camera?

or is it better to stick to my normal recording method?
and if its possible, will it sound as good or close to the AI?
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It really depends on the camera, TBH. If the input is mic-level, it may work, but whether its internal preamp will be enough to power the SM57 adequately is a whole other story. Most of those external inputs are built for condenser mics, not dynamics, and just don't have the gain to really record properly with one.

FWIW, the preamps inside a camera will never be as good as as your interface, so it's kind of a moot point, anyway. I mean, you can give it a shot and see if it'll sound any good, but I'd just keep doing it the way you are now
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I mean, you can give it a shot and see if it'll sound any good, but I'd just keep doing it the way you are now

Exactly. It will probably sound bad, but don't let us tell you that - don't be afraid to try new things and find out for yourself!

That said, not sure if there's an easily available adapter for going xlr>1/8" so that could be an issue for you. You'd almost want a small mixer that would then output into your camera, but at that point you're making a big situation around something that probably isn't worth it.

FWIW I record everything separate through my interface/DAW and synch it with my video feed later. This is the result of that, recorded yesterday:
(Apogee Duet, Golden Age Pre73 on Vocals, 57 on my amp for mandolin, and video is from an iPhone 5s)
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thats why i was asking, always having trouble syncing the tracks...
im not that good with any DAW...
so far i wasnt a big fan of EQing after it was recorded anyway.
i rather make it as good as i can with mic placement / eqing the amp etc...

anyway i guess ill forget about the camera recording as people suggested.
Thanks for the advices
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It is so easy that it is really strange why so many people have trouble with it.

All you need is a linear video editor, I think even Windows Live Movie Maker can be used.

Syncing two audio tracks to video is very easy. You need an easy beginning count that you can sync to, that's all. 4 count would do fine.

All you need to do is record with camera (video + scratch audio) and DAW (audio keeper).
Then assemble the audio from the DAW with the video from the cam, in the process discarding the cam audio.

The way I do it - load backing track in DAW with 4 count, mic my guitar (or direct) and then use my monitors to play in the room. Then just run the camera until you get a good take.

I used the built in iMovie program on my Mac to do the editing but there are plenty of Windows options, like Vegas video or Magix product, probably some cheaper ones maybe even Windows Live Movie Maker (free on Windows) could be used.

Here is one I've done a while back - granted video is not perfect but you'll get the idea:
If you want to try your camera mic input you can possibly bus a signal out from your audio card, not sure exactly what you'll need, maybe 2 mono 1/4 to 1 stereo 1/8 or it could be mono on your cam side, not sure.
Probably this:
or if mono this: