I'd like to be able to do looping with my electric guitar, but also with my Alesis SR-16 drum machine and with a microphone. Is there a single looper where I can plug in multiple input sources? Or is this getting to the point where I need to route things to mixing board, and then to a looper (Or a mixer with looping function?) Optimally, I'd like to control this through footswitch.

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I know some loopers have two inputs, but not sure about three. Probably could just get a small mixer and put in front. Or maybe an A/B switch would suffice.
I'd get a small mixer.
Old and small mackie vlz/vlz PRO run for dirt cheap on ebay these days.
Or you could get a vlz 3 or vlz 4 if you want something fancier.
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Thanks, the Mackie mixers look promising.

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