Controlling fleeting melodies,
soaring in and out of realities.

Grovelling at the feet of our mind,
begging to be heard time after time.

Through the interconnections of your thought,
my crescendo leaving each one to never to stop.

Gaining momentum,
leaving it's sanctum.

Larger and engorged growing eternally,
ignore the walls of controversy.

Will these discussions,
lead to insurrections.

This conglomerate of sound,
is my love to you full bound.

Your eyes in the crowd,
these sounds speak to you aloud.

Follow my tune of transgression,
abandon vanity express your confession.

Creating trails of blue,
all connecting and conscripting toward you.

My sweet cacophony reaching your ears,
wandering into minds too unclear.

Witnessed so many believe it wasn't for love,
every sight I wanted to get rid of.

Connected always forever contained by your thoughts,
can't be rejected it remains whether you choose or not.