Hey there,

I bought a pair of used Adam a3x's, but they didn't come with any power leads and i'm struggling to find a place online to buy them separately..

Does anyone here know what kind of power leads i have to look for, or maybe someone can throw me a link, where i could possibly buy some online.

I just inspected the back of the monitors and it says 'use only with a 250V fuse' and underneath that it says T0,4AL (230V~) T0.8AL (115V) 75 WATTS

Thanks in advance,
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Ypu simply need an (or two, dunnow if the power is shared between the monitors pair) AC mains power cable.

One of these.
Don't mind the european plug.

Just search for AC mains cable on your local amazon, they're sold for around three bucks.
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i assume that the amperes matter, don't they? do i need a 5A, 10A or 13A.. hah, sorry, i'm clueless
where do you live? it will help locate the right part for you
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